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Diwali Festival in India – Celebration of the Holy Tradition

Diwali incorporates five-day long celebration in India. Each day encompasses unique significance.

The 1st Day – The Dhanteras

The first day of Diwali starts with Dhanwantari Trayodashi, also known as Dhanvantari Trayodashi. It falls at the 13th lunar day of the Krishna Paksha, the Kartik Hindu month. Trayodashi is renowned as Dhan-teras. According to the ancient Indian legends, Lord Dhanwantari emerged from the ocean with the Ayurvedic for mankind’s welfare. On this day, people worship the God of Death, Lord Yamaraj. They light “Yama-Diya” along with the prayers for the Lord. One of the most popular traditions done during this festival is buying new utensils for homes.

Lighting Diyas

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The 2nd Day – The Choti Diwali

Narak Chaturdashi is the 2nd day of Diwali. According to the legend, Lord Krishna slew Narakasur to free the mankind from fear of the devil. As part of the tradition, people massage their body with oils and bathe afterwards. And there’s an interesting belief that those who don’t bathe will go to hell or “Narak”.

The 3rd Day – The Lakshmi Puja or Badi Diwali

The Badi Diwali is considered as the most important day of Diwali Festival, celebrated on 3rd day of Diwali. During this day, people worship and offer prayers to their Goddess Lakshmi for them to be blessed with prosperity and wealth. As part of the tradition, people clean and decorate their homes with different colorful lights.

Goddess Lakshmi

Pictures grabbed from 365greetings Diwali Wallpapers

The 4th Day – The Govardhan Puja or the Padwa

On the 4th day, people worship Lord Govardhan Parvat. In legends, Lord Shri Krishna, together with Vraja people, performed the Padwa or Govardhan Pooja to protect them from rain. It became an ancient tradition since then.

The 5th Day – The Bhratri Dooj or Bhai Duj

The 5th day of Diwali festival is celebrated to give tribute to brother-sister relationship. According to legend, the God of Death Lord Yamaraj visited Yamuna, his sister. This action is believed to bless and free them from sins. From hereon in, it became part of the tradition that brothers visit their sisters. Then, sisters will sweeten their mouths with different kinds of sweets.

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Diwali - Celebration, Messages and Greetings

What is Diwali?

Diwali is a holy traditional festival celebrated in India, Sri Lanka, Fiji  and most of Nepal. It is also called as Deepavali, Devali or Divali. Also referred to as “Festival of Light”, it signifies triumph of light over darkness.It is celebrated by the Indians all over the world.
The history of Diwali is connected with Rama- Ravana War (Between India and Sri Lanka). Ravana Was a demon king who was doing lot evil things. Lord Rama had to go to Forest for 14 years to full fill a promise his father given to his third wife. As per the story King Dasarath promised his third wife that she can ask 2 boons at any time of life from him and if it is under his ability he will fulfill that request. When she came to know that King Dasarath is going to crown Lord Rama as king she asked the two boons. One of the boon was to send Lord Rama to forest for 14 years and another one is to make her son as the King.
King Dasarath was in big mental tension when he here this. However when Lord Rama Came to know about this he himself went to forest along with his wife and another brother to forest. Demon king Ravana has kidnaped Ramas wife. So rama build a bridge to Srilanka (Adam's Bridge) and defeated Demon king Ravana.
By that time he has completed 14 years in forest and he decided to return to Ayodya to take over the kingdom from his brother (Third queens son), who was ruling the kingdom by keeping lord ramas foot wear on the throne. He was so upset by his mothers cunning act and requested lord Rama to come back and take over the kingdom before, which has been refused by Lord rama siting their father's promise is bigger than ruling the kindom.

When People of Ayodya came to know that Lord Rama is returning they welcomed him lighting lamps all over the kingdom. Then onwards that day is celebrated as Diwali by lighting lamps all over the place.

Diwali Festival – The Celebration

People throughout in India, regardless of age and classes, celebrate this holy festival with equal enthusiasm and zeal. Diwali Festival involves putting on new clothes and participating in different activities related to it. On Diwali it is normal to send Diwali greetings to Relatives and friends. You can find some best Diwali messages on internet, search for some good Diwali wallpaper to use as canvas to make a great diwali card by yourself

Diwali (Deepawali) usually falls on 'Amavasyaa' day (which is typically between the month of October and November). As part of the celebration, people are illuminating their homes by lighting a tiny oil lamp, mostly known as “Diyas”. They also decorate their homes with lovely rangoli arts with colorful designs.

Some Diwali Messages

Please find some Diwali messages for your reference

Happy Diwali to you and your family

Let us celebrate the victory of Lord Rama
Over Demon King Ravana
The god will be always the Victor
Happy Diwali

Another Diwali has come
To celebrate the holy day
The day when God has
defeated the Evil
Happy Diwali

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