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Please read below for any copyright concern

all the content on theis website is either:
  1. The majority of the website content is owned by us (we are the copyright holders)
  2. resides in the public domain
  3. used according to the terms of use of the copyright holder
  4. used with the permission of the copyright holder.
If you are the copyright holder of material on the website and no longer wish us to include your material please just let us know and we will remove it. You can contact us at this

Copy right Policy of Our Materials.

 You are welcomed to use our content as long as the displayed page shows our website as the source of the content. We have clearly mentioned the copyright holders of any third party content. Any material which is not mentioned as third party content is belongs to us and we are the copyright holders. You are welcome to use it in your websites, printed medias as long as you give credit to us and shows the source.
 For third party contents you must get permission from the respective copyright holders. We are not responsible for any action you are doing by seeing those material in our site

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