Friday, September 2, 2011

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

What’s one of our favorite ways to keep Christmas memories? Photo cards, of course! And here are some Christmas card ideas to get totally creative with them:

1. Ideas for Families:

• Stand everyone age wise and snap a picture, considering the hierarchy of the family. It’s a neat way to have a lovely picture, and you can add things like animated pictures of holly and mistletoe on the final shot.

Family Photo Christmas Card

• You can also create a funny Christmas card with cute pictures. Make a funny picture with everyone doing something silly that befits their personality. A short-tempered person can glare at the camera with their arms folded, a careless person can have an “Oops!” expression on their face, etc. Alternatively, you can add emoticons to express each person’s character. It’s a hilarious idea that sure is unique.

2. Ideas for Couple:

• How about snapping a Christmas picture at that special place? It could be where you proposed/were proposed to, your first date and so on, and all you have to do is edit the photo of that place into the background of your picture.

• A simple picture of the two of you together shows the love and intimacy between you two. You can later add quotes or cute emoticons and create the perfect Christmas card photo.

3. Ideas for Kids:

• Take a picture of the kids in a totally natural pose for your Christmas photo card. This could be when they’re surrounded by gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, etc. You can quotes as to what the kids might be saying at the time later for comic effect.

• Sometimes, kids don’t pose, they’re inexpressive, or they’re just plain shy. At that moment, snap a picture of them when something special for them happens, such as receiving their favorite toy. It’s a wonderful picture that captures a moment when they’re totally happy.

These are some of the basic ideas for Christmas pictures cards. They are best used for printable Christmas cards. You can tweak them to create unique x-mas greeting card. I hope this helps. Happy Holidays!

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