Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Printable Diwali Greetings: Design Ideas for Printable Diwali Cards

Diwali festival’s here! So how you celebrate this one-of-a-kind occasion? As for what I’ve seen in the past years, Diwali festival will never be complete without lighting Diyas, decorating homes, bursting crackers, etc. People also don’t forget to greet their relatives, friends and loved ones a Happy Diwali.

But most of you are probably getting tired of sending pre-made Diwali greetings each and every year. So, let’s spice up your greetings and exercise your creativity. How? With Printable Diwali Cards .

Here are some design ideas for Diwali greetings!

Diyas Design

Diyas Wishes from 365greetings
Since one of the most prominent activities observed during Diwali is lighting Diyas, using this design for your card could be an ideal option. There are many Diyas and Diwali wallpapers online that you can download and attach to your printable greetings. Choose the design that will signify the lightening up from darkness, as for the essence of the festival.

Rangoli Design

Happy Diwali Rangoli
Another popular activity during this joyous occasion is making rangoli. “Rangoli”, for Hindus, is creatively expressing art using different colors. The designs are usually proportioned and geometric. When you use this idea, you can have two options:

First, draw your own Rangoli design, take a photo and attach it to your greeting card.

Second, find wide range of rangoli designs and patterns online that you can use for the card. Some websites offer free Diwali wallpapers with rangoli design. Download and use them for your card.

Diwali Photo Card Printables

Family as they light Diyas
But since the festival itself brings the essence of togetherness, why don’t you try putting your family photos on Printable Diwali Greetings to send to your loved ones? This is especially awesome for those who will send the card to distant relatives or family member. First, have a family picture taken and attach it to your diwali layout for printing.

You shouldn’t limit yourself when it comes to greetings cards. Let loose and think out of the box. Be creative and don’t be afraid trying something new. And lastly, make sure that your Diwali wishes come from your heart.

Happy Diwali!

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