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Activities During Diwali Festival

There are hundreds of festivals celebrated in India every year; one of those is the Diwali festival. Diwali is a five consecutive day celebration that carry the most favorable celebration among others. During these days, people involve themselves in various activities, not only the religious activities like worshipping their Goddess but also for fun and exciting activities like playing games, making crafts, cooking and others.

These are some of the common and usual activities done during Diwali festival:

It is the foreseeable doings every Diwali celebration, especially cooking those Diwali recipes. There are several of sweets and other dishes in many varieties. Cookery also help those interested in culinary to enjoy their Diwali season, this may also done together with the whole family that bond themselves together.

Cleaning and Decorating Houses
Days before Diwali come; people scrubbed and clean their houses with the purpose of welcoming the Goddess of wealth – Goddess Lakshmi. They guarantee that every corners of their house are cleaned and at same time decorated by some Diwali decoration such as flowers, bells embellishments, torans and many more. Rangoli is also used as a decoration and considering in designing homes because it is also one of the aspects of Diwali.

Bursting Crackers
Bursting of Fireworks and Crackers
This is also important and popular doings during Diwali festival. Even though they know that side effects of the contained chemicals on those crackers and at the same time the noise, they still do this as part of their old tradition during this festival. To ensure that the children can also enjoy the festival by bursting their own crackers, adults guide them and choose crackers which is safe for them.

Playing Games
It is the best pastime and at the same time gives enjoyment and fun. During the celebration of Diwali, they also use this as activity. Among all the games, playing card is the main common way to play games and also this is part of their old tradition. One of those playing cards game is the Rummy or the matching of cards. Aside from those games using cards, they also play hide and sick and others as their outdoor game.

Crafts Creation
During Diwali, people made their own crafts such as making diva which is the most popular doing; they can also use diva to light up their homes which is also part of their tradition. Additionally, kids preferred this activity not only to enjoy their festival at same time can develop they creativity and imagination.

Diwali Messages

Indians exchange Diwali Greeting cards, Diwali Sweets and Diwali messages on Diwali. You can send diwali cards with beautiful Diwali wishes and wording to your friends and relatives. There are lot of websites are there where you can get diwali greetings in hindi, so that even if you do not know hindi you can send Shub Diwali in Hindi

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