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Best New Year Messages, Wishes and Quotes

Share the fun and joy of the fresh start with New year messages and wishes. Quotes and SMS new year messages can also be used.
New Year is perhaps one of the well-celebrated and oldest holidays in the world. This celebration marks that end of the current year and the beginning of the coming New Year. Millions of people around the world celebrate it with so much zeal and fun. They also observe different traditions, beliefs and myths. However, New Year is not essentially celebrated only on January first. Depending on the calendar used, the date of this holiday varies from country to country.

New Year Greetings and Wishes

This is a perfect time to reach out and reconnect with dear ones and family members and spread the spirit of holiday season with hearty and good wishes. Sending out New Year messages and greetings in different forms, be it via cards, email, sms, text messages or social media postings, can surely convey your thoughts to those who are dear to you. Find some of the heartwarming wordings that you can use to express your season’s greetings to your friends and fam

Happy New Year Wishes

How to say Happy New Year

As the calendar turns another year
As the January begins once again
Let’s count our blessings from the previous year.
And hope to have more this year!
Happy New Year!
May this day marks the new beginning.
Realize your wrongdoings, repent and start anew.
May you have a blissful and wonderful year ahead!
Good cheer, happiness and everlasting joy,
There are my New Year wishes for you!
Let go of your sorrows,
Rid your worries and sadness
Allow happiness to come in
As the beginning and fresh year begin
Happy Holidays!
This New Year, let go of the past,
Embrace the present and look forward for the future.
May you and your family have a great and happy new year!
Decorate your life with sweet and wonderful memories
Have a blissful year ahead!
May you have all the best things in life
As a wonderful and good person, you deserve it
Enjoy this Holiday!

New Year Wishes Messages

Not satisfied with the above message. Then the following New year wishes may help you to to write your dream message on your new year card
Let go of the past and wipe your tears.
Welcome the new and fresh year with a smile on your face,
Have a happy and prosperous New Year!
Don’t forget to give thanks to God,
For He gave you another year to experience life
And see the good side of it.
Although you must have experienced sadness and pain,
Those made you stronger and help you get through the rain.
Have a blessed New Year!
In every end, there’s new beginning,
Don’t let your determination be shaken,
Keep yourself at peace and be strong
Keep your faith and courage to conquer all
Wishing you a happy and blessed New Year!
May this year be filled with fun and joy
Have fun with your family as you celebrate
Don’t forget to find some time to pray to God
May you achieve all you desire this year!
May you have a heart filled with courage and desire
To fulfill your goals and finally achieve your dreams
Never get tired as there will always be a fresh start waiting for you
All the best for you! 

New Year Poems for Cards

Poems and other poetical verses can also be used as you message. I'm gonna share some of the poems I rushly created for you to use this forthcoming year celebration. I hope you gonna like them!
New Year is Here
 Here comes another year!
To bring you joy and good cheer!
Good fortune and prosperity
Have a long life and be healthy.
Celebrate this day and jump for delight
Look forward for a fresh start that is bright.
So, to all loved ones and dear
Wishing you a Happy New Year!
12:00 o’clock
It’s 12:00 o’clock
Get loud and welcome good luck!
Let’s rock the evening
Raise the glass and let’s cheer!
New Year, New Beginning
The old year is about to go
Let all your worries go
Jump for joy and delight
Wishing for the coming New Year bright!
New Year, New Beginning
Start to count your blessings
Celebrate the day with loved ones and family
Start that New Year’s Eve Party!

Funny New Year Messages

This holiday is supposed to be fun and merry. How about making it funnier and merrier? Have them laugh out loud with greetings that have some humor on it. But hey! Keep things safe and non-offending. Be humorous enough to make your recipient laugh but not offended. Here are some funny new year greetings for new year Cards. 
New Year’s Resolution of Cute Good Looking:
Find some time to greet friends and loved ones for every occasion.
So, let me greet you, Happy New Year!
No need to jump in New Year’s Eve
That’s if you’re aiming to get taller even an inch
Sadly, but you’re stuck with that height,
Start to get higher heels.
Just kidding!
Most people celebrate this day with luxury and lavish meals
Not worrying about the future and tomorrow
But as soon as they wake up
They will look for foods that are no more.
Nevertheless, Happy New Year!
Don’t forget to remember your New Year’s Resolution.
Coz last time you forgot it right after you made it!
That’s to reduce what you eat.
But the first thing you do is to ransack the feast!
Hoping for the better this year!

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