Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Years Eve Party Invitations

New Year is normally hot on the heels of Christmas and many are caught napping. The wise begin planning just as early as they do for Christmas. More often than not, people enjoy ushering in the New Year at a party. When you plan in advance, invitations are in order depending on they type of party you will be holding.

Ideas for New Year Party Invitation

Elegant Invites

The formal New Year's party ideas require simple elegant invites which are short yet to the point. Online companies have an array of formal designs to choose from. Gold and black are the regal colors best suited for this formal occasion. Art decor designs, champagne glasses, clocks or hour glasses are simple additions to the invite which will emphasize the theme of the party on New Years Eve when you will be crossing over into the New Year.

Casual Invitations

Are most of your family and friends found online? Then this is the ideal party for you as you can send them an E-card invite with casual new year greetings messages and invitation wording especially if the party is being thrown at the spur of the moment. This last minute arrangement is not favorable to choosing, writing and mailing paper cards which will most probably get to the recipient sometime in the New Year.

Fun Invitations

Invite in a bottle!!! Check with your local party retailer for the unique plastic champagne bottle invitation mailer. This consists of the invitation and confetti which the guest will enjoy opening. If the product is not available locally, go on-line and order the number you need or request for the do-it-yourself kit for home assembly. This party will require advance planning so that all the guests will receive their invites well before the party. Of course, don't forget to write your funny new year messages and wishes inside the note of the bottle to make it even more fun!

Contemplative Invitations  

In 1862 the slaves in the Confederate States were all told that they would be legally free on January 01, 1863. On December 31, 1862 the slaves declared it to be "watch night" and stayed up to see if they would indeed be free as of January 01. Many African American Churches have thanksgiving and prayer vigils on New Year's Eve as they reflect on the past year and pray for direction in the approaching year. Invites for a party that is focused on thanksgiving and prayer can be handmade using songs, prayers and poems of thanks for the guests to reflect upon as they plan to attend. The supplies can be obtained from your local craft shop or on-line.

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