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New Year’s Superstitions

New Year’s Day

New Year is a festive celebration and holiday all over the world. Billions of people around the world celebrate this day with complete zeal and fervor. This marks the fresh start and a bid of farewell to the old year. For many people, New Year means a lot as this marks their new beginning, a time to start anew, a time for changes for being a better and healthier person. People celebrate new year with New year party, Sending New year wishes messages to friends and relatives. This is also a time for many customs, traditions and superstitions. 

Popular New Year’s Superstitions

Do you practice anything when New Year comes? If yes, then you are also a believer in superstitions. I was one of those people before who used to jump continuously before the clock strikes to midnight signaling the beginning of a year so that I could still grow taller. Superstition is the act of believing in supernatural forces which would dictate either getting good luck or driving away bad forces. So, here are the most popular and fascinating New Year superstitions:

Don't Clean up after New Year's Eve

Should you be a spic-and-span kind of gal, try being dirty only for once a year especially on January 1. It is believed that cleaning of any kind drives away the positive energy and good fortune you have attracted. So if you want to be lucky this year, skip the cleaning and just enjoy the celebration. After all, it’s not bad to break away from the habit once in a while.

Everything needs to be round

Somehow, wearing polka dots or eating round-shaped food is said to be a symbol of prosperity. That’s why people prepare different round shaped foods. Sweets and other delicacies are shaped into balls. Others also gather 12 fruits that have round shape like apples, pears, grapes, apricot, etc. Some choose to be simple, eating 12 pieces of grapes as soon as the clock ticks 12 midnight. In countries like Philippines, children are tying coins in their clothes as it signifies good luck.

Pay your debts

Having unaccounted debt in the New Year is a bad way to start the year. Make sure that all the bills are paid and pay what you owe to other people. Check your bills and make sure that they are all paid. It is believed that this will attract good luck and fortune.

First Kiss

In terms of love, kissing someone on New Year's Eve will ensure that the relationship will get stronger and better for the year round. It needs to be accomplished as without that kiss, expect that loneliness would be your company. They believe that when you didn’t kiss your partner or better half, relationship will experience lack of warmth and coldness throughout the year.

Make Lots of Noise

Fireworks are a norm for celebrating the first day of the year. Yet, it isn't enough. One must try making more noises to drive away the evil forces that lurk in the corners of this world --- figuratively and literally. Go scare them away! Aside from bursting firecrackers, some other ways to make noises are singing, making noise with coins, etc.

Accomplish many tasks

Being able to finish half-done chores or tasks is essential to get overwhelming blessings for the New Year. Procrastinate no more! Be productive somehow. If you have time and you don’t have anything to do, just work for a bit. Make sure that you don’t work too hard, otherwise you will be overwhelmed with lots of work for the rest of the year.

First Footing

Try to keep those itchy feet still and never ever leave your house until someone pays you the first visit. Why? Because going out of your house first means that you take away all the good luck you have been able to get. But if a person would visit you, then it means you have enough luck to risk going out already.

New Year Babies

Who would ever forget that babies born on the first of January are the luckiest ones? That’s why many pregnant women are expecting to give birth to their babies on the New Year’s Eve.

Be Happy

As they say, smile and the world smiles at you. Never cry when it’s the New Year or else you would also be getting the same thing the whole year round. So smile and laugh as much as you can. Just make sure that you don’t do this alone. Or else, people around you may think otherwise.

Stock up

Don’t’ forget to stock up before January 1st. It is believed that when your fridge or cupboard is empty, you will be in trouble for the rest of year as it will stay empty most of the time. Aside from the fridge, make sure that you also have some cash on your wallet to experience good flow of money throughout the year.

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