Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Different Types of Christmas Cards

Do you think the conventional folded greeting card usually sold in bookstores has become too overrated? Here are some unique and trendy greeting cards out in the market nowadays that might interest you.

All-in-One Greetings for Christmas

There are a lot of people who are accustomed to writing long letters every Christmas. If you are one of them and you despise having to write your letter on plain bond paper because conventional greeting cards can't accommodate all the things you have to say. There a several Christmas cards available online right now that allow you to place your letter inside the cards with still enough space to include a personal picture.

Pop-Up Christmas Cards

Certain bookstores and card shops retail cards that pop-up. These cards are very amusing and can give you the opportunity to surprise your family and friends who would never expect the card to come to life, so to speak.

Three-folded Christmas Picture Cards

With this type of cards, you are given the choice to opt for each fold of the card to house one picture/photo or have several small pictures in just the two panels, which permits you to write a short holiday message on the last fold or panel of the card.

Musical Christmas Greetings

Christmas greeting cards that play standard Christmas carols are becoming very trendy nowadays. They add to the joy of the season and are sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face. You can find them online or in particular card shops.

Door to Happiness Christmas Cards

Resembling that of a two-folded door, these special Christmas cards allow you to place a personal picture in it and there is also plenty of space to write your individual greetings for the holidays. One can find cards like these in many big bookstores.You can add some images for Christmas tree decorations and christmas gifts in the card

Circle Christmas Cards

Looking for something out of the ordinary? A circle-shaped greeting card might be what you are looking for. It's apart from the conventional rectangle holiday card and some of them even allow you to place a personal picture in the middle. A number of card shops also sell circle greeting cards that have ribbons tied on the top so that your loved ones could use them as decorations for the Christmas tree. Now that's handy!

Personalized Christmas Greetings

Instead of going to all that hassle, why not just visit a photo-editing website you are familiar with and make your personal holiday greetings online. Unlike e-cards that only allow you to write a short message, why not create your own slideshow, making use of photos of your family and placing holiday greetings right smack in the middle of it all. Creativity will be your only tool for these sorts of cards.

How to Send the Perfect Christmas Greetings

Everyone enjoys getting a holiday card for Christmas. Bookstores are aware of this so they mass produce tons and tons of Christmas cards months before Christmas to make them available for those early shoppers who do not want to get caught in the rush during Christmas time. Each card is made different from the other to accommodate individual Christmas messages and ideas for every situation, from greeting cards for grandparents, parents and relatives to special greeting cards for lovers and friends.

Because the whole process of sending out Christmas greetings to people who are far away has become too hectic for the modern day man, people are trying to find faster and hassle-free means to do this holiday task. Here are some ways that might be useful for you to attain this.

Tips for Sending Christmas Greetings

Shop early. Do your Christmas card purchasing two months before Christmas. This way, you have ample time to think of the appropriate things you would want to write as personal Christmas card messages for your cards, making the process more enjoyable without the added stress.

Be organized. Categorize each card properly, making a tally of all your acquaintances so as not to put yourself at risk of forgetting to give a Christmas greeting card to a loved one this year.

Make it fun. Turn the process of making cards into a family affair by gathering the whole family together so you could brainstorm on some cool ideas to improve your individual greeting cards. You could even let the children pitch in by assigning them the task of coloring some of the greeting cards. This will unquestionably be a memorable occasion that your family might do for the coming years to come.

Print your own Christmas cards. If you have a printer available at home, this would be the most obvious thing to do because you are able to produce dozens of Christmas greeting cards in one sitting. You just have to make some minor editing and decorating with your pictures in your personal computer using picture editing programs such as Photoshop and sit back while your printer does all the printing for you. If you do not have a printer though, you could always visit the nearest digital photo developing center and have them print out the greeting cards that you have made in your computer. Just don't forget to save these files on a USB or CD so you can have them printed.

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