Monday, December 10, 2012

New Year Party Ideas

New Year’s Day

We always wanted and hope for a great and positive year ahead and one way to start it is by throwing fun filled parties to remember the whole year round. This would likewise herald a god start of the year as we increase our circle of friends. This makes New Year a significant one as it is the perfect time for get together, mingling and partying. The host’s objective is to make the whole party a fun experience, thus, it is in organizing the success of the party lies. In organizing enjoyable parties, one must be patient, creative and must possess a little (or more) sense of humor.

New Year Party Theme Ideas

As of the present, theme parties are a trend. Theme parties refer to those parties whose participants follow a certain theme, like the very common “Masquerade theme” where guest are asked to wear fabulous dresses and fancy masks. In organizing your New Year’s Party, it would be best if you will adopt a theme that will be the basis of your décor and games among others. In thinking and choosing your party theme, bear in mind you number one consideration, that is, enjoyment of everyone.

Here are some New Year party theme ideas that can help ignite your creativity:

Legendary movie character

This is a good party theme that everyone can relate and is most acceptable for people of all ages since all of us have liked a movie actor or actress at least once in our lives. You can ask everyone in their invitation to dress up as their favorite movie actor or actress, this party will surely be welcome with anticipation by your prospective guest and your party will be the talk of the town, as everyone loves to have the chance to look like or dress up like their favorite movie actor/actress. Famous in these kinds of party themes are fans of Audrey Hepburn, James Bond, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and other prominent names in the Hollywood, past or present.

Cartoon Theme

We also have the so called Cartoon Party theme. Once in our lives we wanted so badly to become Catwoman or Batman, or loved Popeye and Olive. These party themes would surely be a sensation. It would bring nostalgia and humor to the party. Past characters merging with present would be a lovely sight to see. Likewise, this is definitely a dream come true for a child and those children at heart. One may also consider dressing up like Spongebob, Elmo, Big bird, Miss Piggy or Barney.

Circus Theme

Another great party theme is a circus theme, of course, who wouldn't love those fancy circus characters like the clown, the magician and circus animals. This will be an exciting party theme and you can plan on some great games that has something to do with circus characters. This theme will surely bring humor and bond towards the guests. Furthermore, kids and adults both like this theme too. Hence, to prepare this kind of party, your New year decorations must be circus related. 

Fairy tale themed party

Another favorite party theme is a Fairy tale party theme. Ask your guest to wear colorful costumes of male and female fairies, pirates, sailors, etc. and make a contest of who among your guests will be awarded as the best dressed character.

Disco Theme

Another exciting party theme suitable for guests of all ages and gender is disco party theme. It wouldn't require your guest to spend on the costume, it will only require them some effort in rummaging the closet of their mom or grandmother for some good finds. These costumes coupled with some good piece of accessories and a good background music consisting of dance hits of 70’s or 80’s, your party will be sure hit.

Political Theme

Just in time, for elections, you can ask your guests to dress and imitate the trademarks of their favorite politician whether from the past or the contemporary. You may suggest your guests to imitate those political entities that convey meaningful and remarkable New Year messages like Barack Obama. 

Sports theme

Ask your guests to dress up in the fashion of their favorite sport and plan great outdoor games and activities or watch a sports activity in that day. This is a great time for the football aficionado to wear his favorite football jersey or that basket ball fan his favorite NBA teams’ jersey. This will require no or minimal cost to the guest and the good thing about it is that it will encourage your socialize and get to know each other well, contributing to a successful party.

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